Our “Third Place” Offerings

The Cosmos Club offers members multiple areas for professional activities, like catching up on reading, writing, emailing, or taking an occasional conference call.

Spaces to Write

The Library has three writing desks and a table that seats four. The Writer’s Room (Mansion fourth floor) has two stations, and the Club Room has two desks. The Library and Writer’s Room each have one computer and printer. The Hillyer Task Center has three dedicated cubicles (two are computer desktop stations), a collaborative worktable with four chairs, two “modern” phone booths for privacy, and a multi-function printer.

Spaces to Read

Members can find comfortable and quiet places to read in the Library, Billiards Room (and of course you can play billiards), Club Room, Long Gallery, National Geographic Room, East and West Gardens, and Hillyer Task Center.

Spaces to Meet

The third-floor meeting rooms – Wilson, Taft, and Board – are open to members when not in use. These rooms can be used for workspace, phone calls or private conversations.

Spaces for Electronic Device Use

Use of electronic devices of all kinds, including laptop computers, tablets, and cell phones on silent mode, is generally permitted anywhere in the clubhouse except during certain events. Devices larger than cell phones may not be used in the Garden Dining Room. Laptop use is permitted in the Garden Bar, 1878 Grille and both outdoor gardens as well as in the rooms and workspaces noted above. All electronic use should be non-intrusive.

Spaces for Phone Calls

Cell phone conversations are permitted in the Hillyer Task Center, Writer’s Room and any third-floor meeting room not in use. Brief cell phone calls are permitted immediately inside the West Garden entrance, immediately inside the valet parking entrance, immediately outside the Powell Room interior entrance, Gold Room when not in use, second-floor passageway between Mansion and Annex and the second- and third-floor passageways between the Annex and bridge to Hillyer.

Spaces for Relaxation and Socialization

Arvo at 1878 is a midday offering in the 1878 Grille featuring pastries, light fare, specialty alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. The Garden Bar is open daily starting at 4 pm for cocktail service.