Founded in 1878, Cosmos Club is a private social club for men and women distinguished in science, literature, the arts, learned professions, or public service. Our Club provides a welcoming environment to share in scholarship, conversation, and culture. We are proud to welcome our members and guests…

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An Atmosphere of Warmth, Dignity, and Elegance

Cosmos Club represents the history and prestige of Washington D.C., bringing together individuals from creative, intellectual, and scholarly disciplines. Since its founding, the Club has encouraged camaraderie among the greatest minds of our time. Members have included presidents, vice presidents, Supreme Court justices, Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients.

Our beautiful clubhouse, a District of Columbia Landmark, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its elegant exterior hints at the vibrant atmosphere within. The walls of the Club are host to an impressive array of cultural and scholarly events, and our members actively participate in social activities.

Visiting The Club

We invite members, sponsored guests, and reciprocal club guests to enjoy dining and overnight accommodations at the clubhouse.

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Fine Dining

Our chefs prepare both traditional and contemporary fare with the finest and freshest ingredients, all with our commitment to excellence at heart.

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