Getting to the Club

By Metro

The Cosmos Club is just a few short blocks from Metro. Take the Red Line to Dupont Circle and exit the station on Q Street. Walk one-and-a-half blocks west to 2121 Massachusetts Avenue.

Parking at the Cosmos Club

The Club has two parking lots: the Rear Valet lot and the West Garden lot.

Parking is complimentary for Club members, associates, and spousal-privilege holders, while visiting the Club.

To the extent that space is available, guests of Club members and associates may valet-park in the Rear Valet Lot at no charge while visiting the Club, but may not self-park in the West Garden parking lot entered directly off Florida Avenue NW.

Because space is limited, no Club members or guests may park at the Club for any purpose other than visiting the Club. Violators will be charged $50 (plus tax) per car per occurrence.

Rear Valet Lot

The Rear Valet Lot, is located behind the Club, and is accessed by turning onto Hillyer Court located off Florida Avenue.

This lot can accommodate over 90 cars, and has parking attendants available daily from 7 am to 11 pm to assist members and guests with parking, including getting cars in and out of tight spaces if needed. The parking attendants, if requested, will also provide additional assistance to persons with disabilities in parking the vehicle or providing a wheelchair.

As you enter the Rear Valet Lot, a parking attendant will take your car for you and ask you for your Club number. If you are a guest of a member please give the attendant the last name of the member or the name of the function you are attending.

West Garden Lot

The West Garden Lot is also located directly off Florida Avenue. It contains 20 parking spots including marked handicapped spots, is protected by a gated entrance, but has no parking attendants on duty. The West Garden lot is open from 7 am to 11 pm daily. Guests, unless staying overnight at the Club, may not use this lot.

Parking Fees

The Club offers complimentary parking to members, associates, and spousal-privilege holders while visiting the Clubhouse. To the extent that space is available, there is no charge for the guests of members and associates.

  • Non-member guests staying overnight are charged $35 (plus tax) per car per night.
  • Because space is limited, no Club members or guests may park at the Club for any purpose other than visiting the Club. Violators will be charged $50 (plus tax) per car per occurrence.

The parking attendants regularly patrol the parking lot to assure the safety and security of all vehicles in the parking area and compliance with the Club’s rules

Additional Parking Information

In addition, on rare occasions when we have a full house, we can park about 20 additional cars in the alleys behind the Club. Parking is never allowed in Hillyer Court or in the Phillips Gallery passageway which is a public right-of-way.

Space Utilization: Please use the prime spaces which do not block parking for other vehicles.

Handicap Spaces: The Club reserves several marked spaces in the West Garden Lot for parking use by members or guests with physical disabilities. Vehicles that use these spaces must have special “handicap” license plates or windshield markers. Parking in a marked handicap space without an authorizing permit is a District of Columbia parking violation and may result in a penalty.

Security: The Club is not responsible for damage or theft related to any vehicle or to its contents. Overnight guests are encouraged to park their automobiles in the West parking lot which is locked after 11 pm.

Electric Vehicle Charging: The Club is pleased to provide two electric vehicle charging stations for member use while at the Club. The stations are located near the valet entrance and can only be used while a valet is on duty.

Parking Alternatives for Cosmos Club Members and Guests

Central Parking – 2 locations
  • 11 DuPont Circle (5 minutes. walk) or
  • 1800 Massachusetts Ave, NW (7 minutes walk)
The Ven at Embassy Row
  • 2015 Massachusetts Ave, NW (2 minutes walk)
Street Parking
  • Massachusetts Ave, NW between 20th and 21st Streets
  • 22nd Street between P & Massachusetts Avenue
  • Florida Avenue between Massachusetts Avenue and R Street

You may park at any of the locations listed with the exception of rush hour times. No parking Monday-Friday between 7-9:30 a.m. and 4-6:30 p.m.