The Clubhouse

An automatic door from the West Garden parking area allows wheelchair access to the Powell Room, the Garden Dining Room and other parts of the Clubhouse.

At the Massachusetts Avenue entrance, the door attendant can help unload a wheelchair or walker and fit the front entrance with a ramp to facilitate entry.

The Club owns two wheelchairs that are available for the use of members and their guests. The main passenger elevator does not accommodate a wheelchair but two service elevators are available for wheelchairs. A staff member of the Club is always available to assist wheelchair users.

The unisex restrooms outside the Powell Room will accommodate wheelchair users. On the second floor there is a handicap-accessible unisex restroom immediately behind the Warne Ballroom in the hallway opposite the Members Dining Room.


The West Garden parking lot has four spaces designated for disabled drivers and their guests, who can access the Club through the automatic door near the Powell Room. Alternatively, members and guests who use wheelchairs can drive up to the Massachusetts Avenue entrance and a valet parking attendant will take the car to the rear lot.

Overnight Accommodation

The Hillyer House has a wheelchair accessible entrance. Three of its overnight rooms have handicap-accessible bathrooms. Many of the overnight rooms elsewhere in the Club have grab bars in the bathroom and shower areas.